Computer Science Curriculum

Graduates from Computer Science are one of the most sought-after candidates in the US employment market. The concrete skills developed from a Computer Science curriculum are applicable everywhere thanks to technology’s pervasiveness across all industries. There are many categories within computer science – a high level breakdown is as follows:

The first and most technical category is a development engineer also known as a software engineer or programmer. The main part of their job is coding, which also is the principal direction of employment in their major.

The second is software testing, whose required technical expertise is a little bit lower. If you don’t want to singularly focus on programming, software testing is always another option. Because when someone writes software, someone else will be needed to run testing and improve the software’s quality on the backend.

The third category is administrator for a database or network. People focused on these roles do not need to be fully immersed in program coding. Nevertheless, the relevant management software plus work experience will be required.

Our Course Features

We provide a series of Guidance Curriculum on database development, advanced programming, website development, etc. to help you clear away the obstacles on your road in order to find a satisfying job and stand out among the numerous applicants.

Finance (CFA) Curriculum

The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is recognized globally as the highest qualification in the financial securities industry and a necessary certificate for specialized roles in financial institutions in North America. The exam for the first level of CFA usually does not take any content related to advanced mathematics as asset evaluation and financial analyses are mainly conceptual. But because of the expanding scope of examinations, it is growing to include more and more of the full syllabus. Questions in the examination emphasize the application of knowledge in practice, focusing on the comprehensive ability of examinees. One question often involves two or three knowledge points, which requires the candidates to fully understand the knowledge system of CFA, accumulate enough professional knowledge, and learn to use them flexibly.

Many examinees think that the knowledge points of CFA exam are numerous and scattered, which can lead to overwhelming feelings and being unsure of where to start. This problem can be solved with 2 key strategies:

  1. Find out the important points and difficult points on the basis of requirements in the syllabus. Try to learn and master them one by one. According to the proportion of score, we can see that Accountant, Mathematics, Assets Pricing, and Moral Rule are comparatively more important, which means the examinees should put more time & effort on these points.
  2. The knowledge of each subject forms its own system. Examinees should separately review every subject, summarize the theory, formula, classic questions and difficult questions of each part. First try to learn and grasp every subject. Then digest the whole system of knowledge and master all knowledge points in a comprehensive, organized, and logical way.

Our Course Features

Our curriculum will involve the basic concepts and main difficulties of the CFA syllabus, which combines content explanation with strengthened practice. We will provide simulation testing so that any problem areas, if there is any, will be found out and properly addressed.

For those who are preparing for the CFA exam or going to register for the first level of CFA exam, they can start to learn immediately and quickly master the knowledge points to ensure their passing rate. At the same time, we will provide the latest exam books and training materials, organize students to review in groups after school, work together to solve the difficult and important concepts in class, and enable practice testing after class.

Accountancy (CPA) Curriculum

The US CPA is a qualification certificate of professional accountants issued by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). People who have a US CPA can become a professional practitioner to provide services like accounting, taxation, management consulting, auditing and financial analysis, and give full play to their specialty in the areas such as management consulting, financial investment, corporate finance, asset utilization, public accounting firms, etc.

The CPA is governed by State Government. The certificate each CPA gets is issued by the Board of Accountancy in every state. That is why different state usually has different requirements on CPA candidates about their educational background, courses and experiences. Some states emphasize education more, requiring at least 150 credit hours without requirements on work experience. Some focus on the work experience (such as New York State, where 15 years of work experience would really make a difference) with almost no requirement on education. Therefore, our task is to find the one particular state that is suitable for your situation most from all numerous and complicated requirements of over fifty different states so you can give full play to your specialty and avoid the shortages, getting the CPA Certificate with the fastest speed and the lowest cost. Meanwhile, we also provide pre-evaluation service for free to reduce the burden on students.

With the globalization of world economy, many countries are gradually bringing the international accounting standards (IAS) in. The American accounting standards consists of the basis of IAS. It is well known that the U.S. is the main centre of world economy; branches of large accounting firms in the U.S. now spread all over the world; and their main businesses are usually connected with American international enterprises. Therefore, the U.S. CPA have a considerable influence not only in America but also Canada, China and other developed countries, which makes the certificate of U.S. CPA become the most authoritative one in the world. Just because of that, people who have acquired the mentioned certificate will get higher evaluation within the industry and will be easier to obtain professional improvements.

Our Course Features

Our CPA training classes provide students with subject knowledge of CPA exam and practice for promoting examination skills while helping them understand and pass the CPA exam. Through our training, you will learn to:

  • Understand the characteristic and direction of CPA exam
  • Master the contents of each CPA subject
  • Master the skills of CPA examination
  • Deepen your cognition of CPA exam via practical tests
  • Pass the CPA exam and get a CPA certificate

​In terms of CPA exam preparation, our teachers have summed up a set of teaching methods which has been proved quite effective and suitable for Chinese and other international examinees through their accurate certainty of the examination scope and deep understanding of CPA. This is especially relevant given the exam form update to now be a computer-based test.

During the training, teachers will analyze the characteristics of CPA examination and how to pass it for students; guide them to make their own analysis of CPA exam and get into the best mental state before it; help examinees build their review plan before the exam on the basis of each one’s character; explain the contents of every subject successively according to the requirements of CPA exam; analyze the important and difficult points with sufficient practice on the class; make students feel familiar with the form and atmosphere of CPA exam by plenty simulation tests which can also make sure there is no knowledge point left behind; last but not least, help students check the effect of their reviews so that they can adjust the strategy of review to meet and pass the exam with absolute confidence.

We will provide admission services which include translation and guidance of school admission documents for new students, helping them get into school smoothly.

Internship Guidance

A good internship is not only an opportunity to apply the knowledge you have learned and experience American & work culture, but it is also a direct and convenient channel to ensure future full-time employment.

While enrolled in school, international students may work legally by using CPT (Curricular Practical Training and following graduation, will have one year of legal internship opportunities called OPT (Optional Practical Training). Many students miss the opportunity to apply for an internship because they were not able to find a suitable job in time.

EduEliteUSA has collaborated with a number of American companies to introduce internships and jobs for free to all the students who have entrusted us with services for studying abroad. We also provide services of resume modification and interview training.

If you would like us to introduce an internship or a job, please send your resume to: while specifying your preference on the position, industry area, full-time or part-time job and timing.