With unique experiences and expertise, the EduEliteUSA private high school and boarding school counselling team is composed of former Top 10 private high school admission directors, senior interviewers and prestigious boarding school advisors. We are here to help guide students through the exciting and evolving process of independent high school and boarding school applications.

Application process for U.S. high schools:

  • One-on-one phone or in-person consultation to learn about the student, their goals, target schools and process plan
  • Enter into a contract with EduEliteUSA
  • Agree upon list of target schools and develop the application process plan with your dedicated counsellor
  • Prepare application materials and submit with your dedicated counsellor
  • Arrange interviews and campus tours with target schools
  • Receive admission notices and Form I-20
  • Follow-up services include visa application (if required), school & class registration, general preparation, and the scheduling & completion of required medical checks
  • In-year services include the arrangement of long-term or short-term holiday activities & stay in the United States, communication with teachers, participation in the parents’ meeting and curriculum selection guidance

Application requirements for U.S. high school:

  • Copy of passport
  • School transcripts for the last 2-3 years
  • Recommendation letters from 2-3 teachers
  • Standardized test scores (SSATs)
  • Application form
  • ​Application fee
  • Bank deposit certificate
  • Other documents necessary for application

We can also assist with US High School transfer processes:

  • Generally, there are 2 reasons why a school transfer occurs:

    • The student does not like the present school ​
    • The student is suspended, expelled or asked to leave the present school due to poor grades or disciplinary action
  • The F-1 student visa only remains lawful when the student is enrolled at school and will be lost upon school departure
  • If the student has indicated desire to transfer schools or has been issued a suspension/expulsion order, please contact us immediately so as to help them find a new school and recover their studentship visa as soon as possible. Generally, it is preferable to recover this visa within five months after its initial loss – it becomes remarkably harder to do after.