Summer and Winter Camps

Many of the outstanding high schools, colleges and universities host summer and winter camps. Students often select 1 or 2 courses, areas of interest, hobbies or specialist areas to focus on for a shorter 4-8 week period.

There are also a myriad of other camp options not associated with high schools, colleges or universities where you can learn the English language and culture, focus on sports (golf, basketball, tennis, swimming, etc), academics, special skills (speech & debate, leadership, technology & science), etc.

Summer camps, winter camps and vacation training are considered part of the early preparation for the senior high school and university application. They add a wealth of experience, perspective and background for students. Camps can often help students develop as well as stand out amongst other candidates in application processes.

Visiting Scholar and Exchange Student Programs

Thanks to the extensive resource advantages of US private education, we are able to help place students in visiting scholar and exchange programs at US high schools, colleges and universities. EduEliteUSA can help provide advisory services for researching and finding good fit programs, the various application phases, contacting the professors, obtaining the invitations, etc.

Other Services

Other services that we provide include homestay programs (we have a network of carefully screened families, many of whom are faculty members at top private schools) and internship application assistance (across industries and locations).​