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Special Assistance

Special Assistance

Waiting list admission

When a letter arrives with the waiting list, you’ll probably be disappointed if you just sit back and wait for the admission notification instead of taking actions immediately. Waiting list admission is a guarantee often adopted by outstanding middle schools and universities. In case that an admitted student gives up the offer for various reasons such as accepting another offer, another student will be selected from the candidates in the waiting list.


Generally, the waiting list letters sent out will be 1 – 1.5 times as many as the number of admitted students. So, the waiting list letter has another name, comfort letter. The experts of American Elite Education, who are familiar with the admission procedures and departments of many excellent schools, will give advices and operate for the waiting students and parents to strive for the interview opportunity in the second round, turning passive into positive and helping you stand out from the waiting crowd. School transfer application


If a direct admission to the ideal high school or university can’t be realized, a transfer application may be another method. Transferring to an American high school or university from mainland China or another overseas country while bringing the credit scores and courses along without any delay in studying progress or graduation schedule, the experts of American Elite Education are willing to have a one-to-one conversation with you to discuss a detailed transfer plan.

Application for summer camp and winter camp

Summer camp for applying the outstanding senior high school in United States; summer course of institutions featured with the hobbies and interests cultivation and specialist subjects development and the special courses given by doctoral advisors to learn the language and culture; summer training team of sports hobbies such as golf, basketball, tennis, swimming, etc. ; holiday and winter short-term special classes to expand the speech and debate skills, leadership talent and science & technology inventions.


Summer camps, winter camps and vacation training are considered as part of the early preparation for the senior high school and university application by our education experts. The student camps will contribute to the advantages and help the students to stand out among many competitors in the formal application.

Application for visiting scholar and exchange student

Thanks to the extensive resource advantages of American elite education in Western academia, we will be informed for the first time of which institutional laboratories recruit the visiting scholars. There is no unsuccessful case up to now. The senior transfer application consultants of American elite education provide the advisory services for various application phases, and develop the research plans, contact the professors, obtain the invitations, etc.

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